Punching Knife

Punching knives are mainly used in the packaging industry to cut out the final contour of the packaging. Euro holes for better product presentation are also produced with the punching knives. Tray sealers forming knives and punches are manufactured individually according to customer requirements.

Stanzmesser - Tray Sealer von Caster GmbH

Cutting rules, lines and forms

Moulding knives, also called tray knives or cutting lines, for packaging or thermoforming machines are adapted according to your needs. Both the geometry, the material and the toothing are developed with us so to achieve the best cutting result. There are almost no limits to the geometry and complexity of our punching knives. When selecting the material for the moulding knives, we offer the possibility of producing hardened versions up to 58 HRC.

Hole punching knives / Eurohole punching knives

We see these toothed and toothless punching knives as a subcategory of the cutting lines for the contoured punching and cutting of foils, paper and cardboard. Thanks to individual toothing, the punching knives can be used in all areas of the packaging industry.


  • Eurohole punching
  • Packaging industry
  • Packaging machine
  • Tray Sealer-machine
  • Poly-tube-bags
  • Food packaging
  • Wrapping packaging machinery
  • Rubber & Plastics / Bio-Plastics
  • Composite packaging
  • Foil
  • Paper
  • Aluminium