Our machine knives are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. From poly-tube-bag knives to knives for composite packaging materials to foil knives: our industrial knives cover all areas of the packaging industry. The knives are also in operation in the food, paper and textile industry.

With the range of materials we use, we are able to adapt flexibly to the respective requirements of your cutting application.

Rubber & Plastics / Bio-Plastics

Knives for cutting plastics must be adapted to a wide variety of material compositions. For example, our knives cut plastic hoses from highly innovative plastic and rubber mixtures as well as e.g. strongly contoured window profiles. Our toothed and straight long knives are just as suitable for this as our machine knives with any contour, specially adapted to the application.

Composite packaging

Composite packaging materials represent a great challenge for every knife. Cutting different combined materials with one stroke at the same time requires special know-how and experience. The toothing of the toothed / serrated long knives are up to this challenge and provide an optimum cutting result. Composite packaging materials are mainly used in the packaging industry and in non-food industries.


Our foil knives are individually adapted to each type of foil. Thus you achieve an optimal cutting result. When choosing the shape and design of the gears, we can produce according to your wishes within our production range. Foils of all kinds, thick or thin – tough or elastic – CASTER knives cut! If required, pull tabs or “transverse cutting" can be produced directly at the cut edges with our knives. Foils are used in almost every industry. In the packaging and food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore the choice of the knife depends on the needs of the user. Toothed and straight long knives as well as the punching, machine and circular knives come into operation.


Due to its quality characteristics, coated or uncoated paper is increasingly important in the packaging, non-food and hygiene industry. We meet this requirement by using particularly suitable materials and the perfect toothing. In our product segment, machine knives, whether long or circular knives, are part of the cutting processes in the paper and packaging material production.


Aluminium as packaging material is used more often than most people know. Most chocolate bars are wrapped in thin, durable / resistant aluminium foil. At Christmas and Easter, the shops are full of aluminium packaging so that the Santa Clauses and Easter bunnies keep their aroma as long as possible. Since aluminium is used in many industries, the variety of knives that can be used is just as great. Long knives, circular knives, punching knives and also machine knives are suitable for cutting aluminium.


Everyone who has already drunk from a softdrink can knows how robust tinplate is. Cutting this material, with a long service life of the knives at the same time, is a major challenge for the design of the knives. The CASTER machine knives are up to this challenge due to the large selection of materials and a modern machine park. Our circular knives, machine knives and long knives are ideally for cutting tinplate.


The textile industry is characterized by the variety of possibilities in design, color and form. For cutting in the textile industry, high-quality circular knives and chenille knives are required, which we are able to produce. Most of the textile production takes place in countries with high humidity. CASTER has special anti-corrosion material solutions to keep the machine running times on a high level.


Cutting food has high demands on cutting accuracy to minimize cutting waste, hygienic compatibility and resistance to external influences. For this purpose, we use special materials that have been tried and tested over many years with proven success. Circular and machine knives are most frequently used in the food processing industry.