Industrial knives for the packaging industry for cutting in longitudinal and transverse direction, e.g. of poly-tube-bags or foils in various material combinations. No matter if horizontal or vertical form-, fill- and seal- (wrapping) packaging machines, CASTER offers you the perfect solution.

Toothed long machine knives

Toothed / serrated long knives cut poly-tube-bags, foils, paper and composite in various material combinations in longitudinal and transverse direction. The design of the toothing can be individually worked out with you and adapted on your needs. Currently, more than 20 different types of toothing have proven themselves in operation at our customers. Due to the increasing individual wishes in packaging design, more are added constantly.

With our manufacturing capabilities we are able to produce simple straight contours up to complex shapes of toothed long knives.

Straight long machine knives

The straight long knives are characterized by two different types, one with a one-sided bevel and the other with a double-sided bevel. The chamfer angle is decisive for the cutting result in the packaging machine and varies depending on the application. In our machine park we produce single-sided or double-sided chamfers at any desired angle. Therefore you achieve an optimal cutting result, no matter whether you want to cut foils, poly-tube-bags, aluminium or other materials. There are almost no limits to the contour of the straight long machine knives. From sickle-shaped to oblique chamfers up to simple straight chamfers you will find all kinds of long knives at CASTER.


  • Packaging industry
  • Non-Food- industry
  • Hygiene industries
  • Packaging machine
  • Form-, fill- and seal- packaging machines
  • Blister package
  • Paper package
  • Rubber & Plastics / Bio-Plastics
  • Composite packaging
  • Foil
  • Paper
  • Aluminium
  • Tinplate
  • Textiles